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Updated: 24 June 2020

First and foremost, we hope that you and those around you are safe and well.



To ensure everyone's safety my studio has put in place the following cleaning & operational protocols so that we are all safe: 


  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of common areas, high-touch surfaces, and objects within the studio and main building

  • Hand sanitizer and hand-washing areas provided before, during, and after our shoot

  • Heightened awareness of physical distancing during our shoot; no handshakes or hugs or back-of-the-camera image previews

  • DavidSaggio and any assistants or makeup artists will wear masks as much as possible

  • Makeup artists and hairstylists will follow all guidelines put in place by the state of Massachusetts, outlined here

  • Studio will be kept well-ventilated

  • Contactless payments via credit or debit card

  • Mutually agreed-upon and highly flexible illness cancellation/rescheduling policy- if any of us are feeling even remotely ill at any point before or during the shoot, we will find a new time to shoot that’s at least two weeks away

  • Group discounts will not be offered unless your group is comprised of people with whom you currently live

What can you, the client, do before and during your shoot to keep yourself and our team safe?

  • Be in constant and honest communication about your comfort and health. Feeling even slightly sick? Let’s reschedule!

  • Wear a mask to your session, including during your session (except for the actual photographs).

  • Speak up if you feel like I’m getting too close when I adjust a lights and stands.

  • If you belong to, or are in frequent contact with a member of a high-risk group, consider scheduling your session at a later time.

  • Do not to bring anyone with you to your shoot. If you’re a minor and you need your parent or guardian with you, please contact the studio to make arrangements.

  • Coordinate with the studio to bring as few outfit options as possible to avoid handling clothing and hangers.

  • Consider a session that is on-location and outdoors. We are now offering a discount on our outdoor-only session*.

  • Do your own makeup and/or hairstyling. While our makeup artists are amazing you may want to maximize safety and limit contact at the studio.

Obviously headshot photography is an intimate, but already a fairly low-risk activity. By putting these practices into action will help everyone involved stay safe and healthy.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions via email or directly at 774.573.9055. Working together, we can make you look your best for the world safely.

Be safe. Be well.



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