My headshot photography is focused on making you look your best for the world to see - an authentic and genuine look that brings to life the real you.    Authentic. Confident. Positive.

Why? Because your image is everything.


I photograph and create headshots that bring your personality to life. I don't shoot everything that comes along. Four years of leading the photo section for the 10th Special Forces Group taught me the importance of focus and attention to detail. Great headshots don't happen by accident. What I do is all about capturing your face & unique expressions, and with over three decades of experience capturing fractions of seconds of light that make up the looks of our lives, I have a process and approach that is successful in doing that.


Everyone deserves to look and feel their best. Our world is digital… and connected… and global. The image you project has impact to your career, your relationships, and more. Why not make your image everything it can be?


I’m available for headshot bookings at my studio, your office, on-location throughout Boston. Check my pricing page, FAQ, or contact the studio to inquire with any other questions you may have regarding setting up a session with me.

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I’ve been behind the camera since I was 17 years old. ​I started using my oldest brother's 35mm Canon F-1 film camera to shoot black-and-white photographs of family– holidays, cookouts, every day moments. My Mom. My Dad. My nephew. Aunts and uncles. I was drawn to capturing split seconds of light that make up the moments of our world and lives.


My family and friends loved the authentic and real, not staged, way I captured the them. And, I loved the smiles, reactions, and happiness I would get when sharing prints of the images I captured. It literally changed my life. I starting working in the local camera shop at 18, then got a job as a portrait photographer - riding in the back of a van, learning lighting and set up. Next I joined the United States Army and had the best job in the world – photographer. I followed my father’s footsteps by going Airborne (jumping out of planes as a paratrooper), then set my own path leading the photo section for the best military unit in the world – the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). For four years I traveled the world, photographing the most impressive people doing the most impressive things – skydiving, mountain climbing, skiing. All the while honing my technique and bringing their faces to life.


And here I am today. A lifetime of images shot and personalities captured for those split seconds of time that make up our lives. What’s the saying? “Do want you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.” I’m lucky to do what I love and share that  with others. If you believe that your image is everything, then please contact me and learn more about how we can create an authentic, real headshot that shows the world the best you

Authentic. Confident. Original.

DAVIDSAGGIO Headshot Photography



DAVID SAGGIO is available for headshot bookings at his studio, your office, or on-location throughout Boston

Use the Contact form or call 774.573.9055 to inquire about rates or to ask any other questions you may have regarding setting up a shoot with me.